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Woven brake bands are designed for all types of brakes and drum clutches in most critical applications. They feature high and stable friction coefficient. They guarantee meeting the strictest safety requirements, because their design assures resistance to rapid failures, even in worst case. Such bands are made based on highly durable and heat resistant yarns, featuring high friction coefficient. Special patent weave guarantees that the band does not delaminate, even in the most demanding working conditions. Special oil and synthetic impregnate ensures keeping stable braking conditions in the broad range of temperatures. Thanks to their undeniable advantages the woven brake bands are used in most critical and demanding applications. BAC brake band is the only band with admission to use in hoisting machines for transport of humans in the mining sector, which is a safety critical application, issued by the President of Central Mining Office (WUG).

  • Friction materials for rail-borne vehicles
  • Friction materials for rail-borne vehicles

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58-420 Lubawka - Poland