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Friedrich Freek GmbH is a family-run company based in Germany. We develop, produce and sell electrical heating elements. As a globally recognised process heating specialist, we have been supplying reliable high-quality products proudly made in Germany from a single source since 1950. Freek supplies its heating elements to renowned companies across a variety of sectors. The manufacturing of highly innovative HotMicroCoils, often employed as nozzle heating elements for hotrunners in plastic injection moulding, is one of our most significant business areas today. However, our customers also benefit from our wide product assortment, which includes all types of industrial heating elements. In addition to the HotMicroCoils, we also supply: Tubular heating elements, heating cartridges, infrared heaters, surface and film heating elements, heating elements for air heaters as well as the accompanying measurement and control technology for this. Thanks to intelligent value creation, innovative production concepts and a wealth of expertise, Freek is able to serve more than 1000 customers each year

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Cartridge heaters are reasonably priced, robust and easy to install. As a rule they consist of a cylindrical stainless steel tube and thus provide a high corrosion prevention. There is a heating wire inside which is wound onto a ceramic core. The number of coils varies depending on the power. In order to avoid a short-circuit, the cartridge heater is filled with magnesium oxide and compressed afterwards. Highly compacted they reach a surface watt density of up to 50 W/cm² and withstand highest stress.


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square cartridge heaters are used where much power has to be installed near the surface of a tool, e.g. in cutting knives, sealing stations or hot plates. The cartridge heaters can easily be pressed into a rectangular groove. Apart from the advantageous heat transfer over ¾ of the sheath, it is not necessary to cement or cast in the heater which is imperative for round cartridge heaters. Unlike tubular heaters which are also available in square sections (see chapter Flexible Heating Pipes), the square cartridge heaters have the termination on one side and can be loaded with 16W/cm² (2.5W/in²) due to their special inside construction.


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Silicone heaters are resistant to permanent temperatures up to 200°C, with self-adhesive foil 180°C should not be exceeded. Higher temperatures of 230°C is possible for a short time without destroying the heater. The temperature that will be reached within the application, generally is not easy to predict, as there are many influencing factors. In addition to the power, resp. surface load, this also includes mass and type of the material to be heated (thermal conductivity, surface quality, etc.) installation / assembly situation (bonded, vulcanised, clamped, etc.), ambient temperature, air movement and, of course, the control technology used. Application examples for silicone heater mats include: canteen kitchen technology / catering, anti-fog and anti-freeze applications, tool or plate heating in machines, 3D printers, laboratory equipment, composite materials repair, joint curing and much more.


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Kapton's resistance to fungi, bacteria, ozone, weather, aging and most chemicals, acids and solvents is very good, making Kapton heaters an ideal solution for many critical applications. In addition, they are extremely thin and silicone-free and are known for their even heat distribution. Typical applications are: Laboratory technology, aircraft electronics, diagnostic instruments, vacuum chambers, Medical equipment, Military applications.

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Our nozzle heaters are already up to 22% more energy efficient than those of our competitors. Considering the ongoing destruction of system-relevant ecosystems and an increasingly threatening climate change, there is no alternative to transforming our industrial and prosperous society into a sustainable post-carbon society. Freek, as part of the system, shares responsibility and strives to reduce its carbon footprint.


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