Adhesive for decorative friezes Offering a choice of two different packings, including a tube with in-built applicator, FRIEZE ADHESIVE makes the laying of decorative friezes very easy. Its high adhesive power allows for effective pasting on all types of wall coverings, even waterproof, leaving a stain-free result. BENEFITS • When applying a deco-rative frieze on relief-patterned wallpaper, it is necessary to overlay the frieze • Mark the position of the frieze on the substrate and peel off the top layer of wallpaper

Pastes, adhesive
  • Frieze Adhesive
  • Bonding Adhesive
  • adhesive
  • Pastes
  • adhesives for wallpapers
  • adhesives for fabrics

Product features

SUITABLE SURFACES Allows to lay paper or vinyl friezes on top of wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, plastic coverings
TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Density : 1.6 • pH : 7 (approximately)
PACK SIZE 1 kg tubs and 250 g tubes.
STORAGE 12 months in unopened original packing protected from frost and high heat.
CONSUMPTION Approximately 250 g for a 15m frieze.

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