Commonly called booster module Its function is to CONDITION / PREPARE the fuel before entering the engine Functions: Pressure / Flow / Temperature / Viscosity / Filtration Pumps on one side / Viscosimeter (A) on the other / Filter-s on the other / Heaters on the other. Fuel conditioning is the fuel treatment that is carried out by means of a booster system to comply with the degree of cleanliness, pressure, temperature, viscosity and flow specified by the engine manufacturers. These parameters are vital for the combustion performance of the engine, therefore, adequately protect them is an important part of both the reduction of emissions and energy efficiency. (A) Viscosity control system: Automatically monitors and controls the viscosity of the fuel oil to optimize the burning efficiency of the propulsion systems equipped with HEATPAC electric heaters, steam / thermal oil heaters or conventional capillarity viscometers.

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