JULABO Industrial Chillers are used in the industry and for countercooling of Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems and provide cooling capacities of 31 kW to 66 kW. The extremely robust and durable instruments provide a functional design and can be operated outdoors in rain-protected installation. The Industrial Chillers can be optionally equipped with an extended ambient temperature range package for fluctuating or extreme ambient temperatures or working range extensions. Their efficiency and the use of Thermal GX bath fluid make them an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to cooling with tap water.

Water refrigerants
  • Recirculating Cooler

Product features

Working temperature range (°C) 0...+25°C (optional up to +30 °C)
Ambient temperature range (°C) +10....+40°C (optional up to +45 °C optional up to -15 °C)
Pump capacity (l/min) 100
Flow rate / Pressure (bar) 2.6
cooling capacity kW ( at +25°C ambient temperature) +15°C...31 / 0°C...18.2
Filling volume liters 100
Dimensions cm 76 x 132.5 / 152.5

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