Fabric Cover Acoustic Panels


It is covered with acoustic soundabsorbing fabric which is resistant to impact on the front surface of the fabric covered wall panel and the inner material of the panels is glass wool. The rear surface is covered with glass cloth. Fabric Coated Wall Panels normally used on walls to ensure sound insulation and decorative, but can also be applied in ceiling. Special production can be done but in general sizes are standard. You can reach the gauge from below. Thickness is not noticeable in sound absorption, but it is more effective than the thicker one. If you want, you can get different designs with different thicknesses. Besides the sound absorber, fabric coated acoustic panels can be used on the final layer with a decorative appearance and are easily applicable on concrete or plasterboard surfaces

Acoustic panels
  • Fabric Panels
  • Cover Panels
  • Absorbing Fabric

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