Fabric seals


Profile gaskets and Special solutions, Expansion joints Characteristics Perfect axial and radial flexibility, good stress relaxation and protection against wear Very low leakage values through outstanding cross section and surface density. Without organic carrier fibers, no shrinkage under temperature Resistant against gases, vapours, oils, caustics and most of acids, also suitable for NH3 - gases, hydrogen, nitrogen and methanol Non hazardous to health (no Al2O3 content !) A specific vulcanisation technique for temperingsystem applications simplifies the installation and improves adaption to uneveness Main application Developed for highest thermal and mechanical strains, particularly proven in heat treatment systems, door and cover washers in foundries, power plants. Construction Wrapped gaskets from texturised glass cloth with high temperature resistant, gas proof elastomeric binders. Standard: Graphitised nonstick Coating Special: Raw, elastomercoated or PTFE impregnated...

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