Hexcel manufactures a complete line of fabrics and reinforcements, available in a range of weave styles. Hexcel manufactures the most complete line of reinforcements for aerospace and industrial markets and offers a range of globally certified aerospace products in carbon, glass and aramid and specialty fibers. - HiTape® Reinforcements - Specialty Reinforcements Hexcel manufactures a wide range of woven reinforcements for the manufacture of structural composites, used in aerospace, military, transportation and industrial applications. - HexForce® Reinforcements - HexForce® Bias Weave Reinforcements - PrimeTex® - Unidirectional Fabrics HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements allow manufacturers to process multiple layers of unidirectional fibers in a single fabric.ibers in a single fabric. - HiMax™ Carbon Multiaxial - HiMax™ Glass Multiaxial - HiMax™ Aramid Multiaxials - Fabrics for Infusion ** Click for more **

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