Falke Polishing Mops are generally made of 16 layers, i.e. 4x4 layers or 8x2 layers. The production range basically consists of four different cloth qualities: Cloth quality 285 relatively stiff cloth, closely woven Cloth quality 240 medium stiff cloth, loosely Cloth quality 195 soft cloth, loosely woven Cloth quality DF 23 bilaterally brushed muslin, which is used for high gloss polishing The different cloth qualities are a result of the weight of the material (in grams) per square metre. Falke polishing mops are exclusively made of special new cotton fibre materials. This guarantees the customer a reproducible polishing result. These Mops are in competition with the so called flap discs, which are exclusively made of waste clothes materials. As a result, all kinds of different materials will be used in the production of these mops, hence the polishing result is never reproducible. With one of our own manufactured polishing mops, the same material can be re-ordered again and aga

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