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used to achieve the required degree of fluid concentration


The B&P Engineering falling film evaporator system is a modern device used to achieve the required degree of fluid concentration. The multistage evaporator (juice evaporator) with falling juice film is the most important device of the production cycle. It is used to condense apple juices as well as soft (coloured) fruits juices. It is applied in food industry for the production of fruit juices and concentrates. Depending on the Customer’s needs and technical constraints we build IV-V-VI-section juice evaporator systems. Number of sections (columns) of the station depends on the Customer’s requirements and B&P Engineering suggests the best solutions for a particular application. Features: Aroma station for intensifying and recovering the aroma during the concentration and rectification process Cooling towers Refrigerating machine Product cooling Advantages: optimal energy consumption failsafe operation extremely high elasticity in efficiency adjustment modern controls

Beverage industry - machinery and equipment
  • evaporators for the food industry
  • systems and equipment for extracting fruit juices
  • concentrated fruit juices

Product features

Evaporation efficiency 7 000 to 50 000 l/h
Number of sections from 4 to 6
Materials stainless steel AISI 304/ option AISI 316L

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Falling film evaporators - concentration on evaporation station

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