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Stratis Di Viscous Fan Drives and Controllers Stratis Di is an economically priced, reliable system that provides variable-speed fan control specifically tailored to your engine cooling requirements. J1939 compatible, Stratis Di is a plug-and-play system that keeps your engine at optimal operating temperature while reducing operating noise, saving fuel and increasing performance. The Stratis Di system also increases available horsepower for auxiliary components. This maintenance-free system is engineered to turn any 20-inch [508 mm] to 44-inch [1118 mm] plastic, metal or composite fans. Benefits - Reduces noise and saves fuel - Optimized cooling under all conditions - Better performance - Increased available horsepower for auxiliary components - More economical and safer than hydraulic systems Features - Variable-speed control - Customized algorithms for specific requirements - J1939 compatible - 12V/24V - Integral diagnostics - 70 percent fan speed override to meet the European noise directive - 105C temperature rating - Maintenance-free - Compatible with a wide range of fan sizes Applications - Skid steers - Truck cranes - Cement trucks - Refuse trucks - Medium-duty day cab class 7 – 4 trucks - Power generators - Other on- and off-highway Related Products - Stratis Viscous Fan Drives - VMaster® Air-Sensing Fan Drives - VMaster Directly Controlled Fan Drives - VMaster Di Viscous Fan Drives and Controllers - WindMaster Fans Links - Order or View Literature - On-line Catalog

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