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Multispeed Fan Drives The MSC2 takes Horton Advantage™ technology to the next level. At low-speed, the MSC2 satisfies system cooling requirements most of the time. At high-speed, the MSC2 delivers maximum cooling whenever it's needed. In the low-speed mode, the MSC2 draws significantly less horsepower than an engaged on/off fan drive. This helps when hauling on steep inclines in moderate climates by increasing the horsepower available to the drivetrain. The MSC2's transition from low- to high-speed also creates less change in available horsepower than an on/off fan drive. In rear-engine motor coach and transit bus applications, a conventional direct drive creates a continuous draw of air strong enough to suck dirt and debris off the road and into the radiator. This means frequent clogging and constant cleaning. The MSC2's two-speed clutch runs in low-speed mode most of the time, pulling enough air through the radiator to satisfy cooling requirements efficiently, without "vacuuming" in filth off the streets. The MSC2 improves engine cooling while it reduces costly radiator maintenance. In cement trucks and other off-highway applications, direct fan drives can create sudden "dust storms" when they engage. The blowing dirt ends up covering the fresh concrete. The MSC2 running in its low-speed mode draws sufficient air to cool the engine without stirring up dust and debris in the area. Plus the low-speed eliminates the sudden thunder of fan engagement to full on — meaning less noise, less distraction, and less stress. Benefits - Up to 50% less noise - More precise temperature control - Superior efficiency and performance - More available power - Less wear - Higher reliability - Less radiator abrasion - Better cab cooling and heating - Quicker cooling response - Lower maintenance requirements Features - Two-speed operation Applications - Buses and motor coaches - Off-highway equipment - Cranes - Cement mixers - Off-highway equipment without ram air Specifications Related Products - WindMaster Fans Links - Order or View Literature - On-line Catalog

Product features

Actuation Eddy current at low-speed with pneumatic lock-up*
Horsepower range Up to 375 HP [280 KW]
Fan blade capacity Up to 30 [76.2 cm]
Air pressure requirements Minimum 90 psi [620.5 KPA]
*3-speed version also available HORTON EUROPE GMBH & CO. KG
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