DM Advantage® / On DM Advantage On/Off Fan Drives are spring-engaged and air-disengaged for maximum efficiency. They are lighter, have high torque for turning larger fans, a fail-safe design and a low parts count for simplicity. The advantage is yours with the best, proven solution for the highest-heat under-hood applications. Horton’s latest innovations assure you of maximum reliability and long-life performance. DM Advantage Fan Drives have performed flawlessly during two years of field testing in the highest-heat under-hood applications. The field tests were performed on over 410 trucks, which were driven more than a total of 85 million miles*. Benefits - Maximum reliability - Longer operating life - Fuel savings - Reduced noise - Better engine performance - Engine coolant temperatures kept at optimum operating efficiency - Increased reliability in high-horsepower applications - Easy to install and maintain Features - Premium sheave bearing - Improved air cartridge - Long-wearing friction liner - Spring-engaged and air-disengaged - Lighter - High torque for turning larger fans - Fail-safe design - Low parts count for simplicity Applications - Heavy-duty trucks - Medium-duty trucks - Buses - Off-highway equipment Specifications Premium Bearing vs. Deep Groove Hub Bearing *Field test data is from January 2010.

Product features

Actuation Spring-engaged, air disengaged
Minimum air pressure to disengage 90 psi [620.5 KPA]
Out of box torque 2400 in.-lbs. [271 N-m]
Friction disc diameter 7.9 in. [200.6 mm]
Fan blade capacity (diameter) 32 in. [813 mm]
Engine horsepower range 250-600 HP [186-447 KW]
Friction liner wear limit, minimum thickness 0.23 in. [5.76 mm]

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