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Viscous Directly Controlled Fan Drives  - HORTON EUROPE GMBH & CO. KG


VMaster® Viscous Directly Controlled Fan Drives Now there's a viscous fan drive that responds to changing cooling requirements. Based on pulse-width-modulation (PWM) signals from the engine management system, VMaster viscous directly controlled fan drive adjusts its output to provide just the degree of cooling needed. Benefits - Rapid responsiveness - Optimum idling speed - Greater torque transmission - Modular and can be used with fans from other manufacturers - Endurance tested Features - Improved outer tube design - Simplified mounting - Integrated speed monitoring system applications - Compatible with engine management systems Applications - Heavy-duty trucks - Medium-duty trucks - Light-duty trucks - Automotive - Off-highway equipment Related Products - MagForce Electromagnetic Fan Drives - VMaster Viscous Air-Sensing Fan Drives - WindMaster Fans - WindMaster Ring Fans Links - Order or View Literature

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