Instrument for testing flour quality (water absorption, kneading properties)


Why is this important? - Estimation of the optimum water amount for a flour to form a dough - Prediction how a flour will react in different stages of production and baking - Definition of flour specifications for a given purpose - Assurance of stable product quality How is the test performed? - A flour sample of is weighed and placed into a mixing bowl - Water is added to the flour and mixed to form a dough - A curve is recorded, according to the resistance of the dough against the mixing action - The shape of the curve gives information about the water absorption of the flour, the dough stability, the development time and the degree of softening What are the benefits? - Compliance with international standards, optimization of flour quality and constant product quality - Saving flour in production and minimizing production losses - Higher flour price and more baking products - Tracking of measurement results by multiple users from any end and location

Flour milling - machinery and equipment
  • water absorption
  • kneading characteristics
  • flour quality
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