The Fast cal 2600 is an ultra-high-temperature blackbody calibrator and capability to produce very high temperature, high emissivity emitters and at the same time stabilize at the required temperature within minutes of switch on. All Safety features to protect equipment and operator are easily accessible. The target temperature is sensed by a rapid response infrared fiber optic pyrometer which drives a PID Controller to regulate the cavity temperature precisely to the desired set point. Specification:- Temperature Range: 700 to 2600°C Temperature Resolution : 0.1°C Stability: ±3°C Emissivity : 0.99 (±0.01) Controlling Sensor: Pyrometer Method of Control: Digital self-tuned advanced PID Controller Time to Reach Max Temp. : 2 Mins Computer Interface: RS - 232 Heater Size : 100 x 15 x 3 mm Power Required: 440 VAC, 12KW

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Application: In Laboratory Educational Institute

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