The in-line wire drawing machine mod. SKP is a horizontal-axis monobloc which is positioned between the uncoiler and the cold heading machine. Its function is to size the wire to the exact wire diameter needed for the cold heading application. The in-line wire drawing machine works in automatic with the cold heading machine. The compensator arm (“dancer”) auto-regulates the drawing speed in function of the demand of wire from the cold heading machine. Why do more and more fasteners manufacturers utilize our in-line wire drawing machines mod. SKP? Cost saving, because rod or semi-finished wire are utilized instead of drawn wire. Reduced inventory, because in some cases from the same wire size it is possible to obtain different drawn wire sizes. Improved metal formability, because the wire gets drawn just before entering into the cold heading machine. The wire is warm, so it is easier to form. Age-hardening problem is eliminated. Diameter control, because with an in-line wire drawing ma


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