The power-driven uncoilers Mod. AP are utilized for feeding cold heading machines or wire drawing machines with wire of medium-big diameter. Their main functions are: Feed and pre-straighten wire from coils into the next production machine (an in-line wire drawing machine or a cold heading machine), with consistent reduction of downtimes. Make the wire advance to the feed rolls of the cold heading machine, with reduction of the load on the feeding mechanism of the cold header. Increase the overall efficiency of the cold heading machine. Our power-driven uncoilers Mod. AP cover a range of wire diameters from 12,0 to 36,0 mm. and can be supplied complete with the following accessory devices: Longer coil-holding arm, for utilizing heavier coils. Rotating base, for helping the operator in the coil loading phase, in case of small working areas. Additional set of straightening rolls. Cutting-off device. The power-driven uncoilers Mod. AP can be supplied also in the version with two coil-h


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