Due to their design, Vibrophores have been used in the past solely as dynamic materials testing machines to determine durability with regard to fatigue life and fatigue limit, for example for fatigue testing to DIN 50100 (S-N curve) under tensile, compression, pulsating and alternating loads. The new generation of ZwickRoell Vibrophores can be used as both dynamic and full-fledged static materials testing machines that accommodate test loads up to 1000 kN. Typical applications are material fatigue tests and durability tests on standardized specimens and components (for example, piston rods, crankshafts, and screws) and production and quality control of components exposed to dynamic loads during their service lives, such as concrete and reinforcing steel, as well as quasi-static tensile and compression tests and fracture mechanics tests on CT and SEB specimens.

Testing of products and materials

Product features

Test type fatigue
Other characteristics dynamic

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