Ferrous Debris Sensor (FMS Sensor Online)


Ferro-Mon Sensor measures the concentration of iron by detecting the change in magnetic flux when magnetic particles such as Fe, Ni,.. etc are collected in the sensor probe. This sensor outputs the amount of magnetic material as “Fe saturation %” so that it detects and evaluates abnormal wear conditions of rotating machines. Two output channels for fine particles and large particles can detect normal wear and abnormal wear. ▪ Real-time monitoring of iron concentration % ▪ Easy installation ▪ Sensor probe and control panel are integrated in one sensor ▪ Integrated Ferro-Mon Sensor can be applied for all equipment. ▪ Particularly, user can get the best effect when applying to gearboxes, engines, transmissions, pumps, bearings, etc., which are vulnerable to wear.

  • Lubricants, industrial
  • Bars - ferrous metal
  • Flexible tubes, ferrous metal

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