FERTIPLUS® LIQUID FERTILIZER 7-2-2 is an organic certified F ertilizer for use in all crops. This liquid F ertilizer contains a sophisticated combination of fast and slow release nitrogen. This gives this unique F ertilizer an operation to more than three weeks (depending on the quality of life in the soil). Apply it regularly, because it will ensure a good start of the plants. This F ertilizer does not cause any risk of burning, because of the low salinity. The high content of trace elements and sugars contributes to a healthy and effective soil life and thus to a healthy plant. The liquid is composed of 100% natural products, without any chemical additions. FERTIPLUS® LIQUID FERTILIZER 7-2-2 is ideal for foliar fertilization, drip irrigation system, irrigation system, or gutters. Advantages of Fertiplus® Liquid 7-2-2 Ensure a good start of the plants Improves soil life No leaching of precious minerals Odourless product Less need for water Increased resistance to stress after...

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Product features

Organic matter 50.7 %
Amino acids (total weight) 16-18 %
pH 5.5-6.0 %
Nitrogen (N) 6.0 %
Phosphate (P 2O 5 ) 2.2 %
Potassium (K 2O) 2.0 %
Magnesium (Mg) 0.2 %
Trace elements Ca, Cu, Fe, Mn, S, Si, Zn

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