Ffp-3nr / Ffp-2nr


Ultrasonc Weldng Technology It s produced n the qualty of Aegean mask wth the latest technology fully automatc machnes. Nose Clp It takes the shape of the nose easly. It does not cause any problems even wth multple uses. It s aesthetcally hdden compartment. Snce t s n the hdden compartment, t does not pose an addtonal rsk for occupatonal safety Flter Materal It has ultra thn and lght fiber structure. It has hgh filtraton effcency. Provdes low breathng / exhalaton resstance. Headband It does not cause allerges. It does not contan latex. It s a crcular shape. It does not lose ts elastcty even n multple uses. It s resstant to breakng and abrason. The headband s colored accordng to the protecton class to facltate use and control.

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