Fiber Glasswool Insulation

Laminated Foil


Our high-temperature glass fiber needle punched felt is made of 100% inorganic continuous fiber needle punched together without any binder and can provide uniform density on request. It can withstand a maximum operating temperature of up to 1000 ° C and will not disperse during use. In addition, we can also combine the silicone cushion with various fiberglass cushions to save costs for customers. And can provide a cost-effective solution.

Glass fibre and wool
  • Fiber Glasswool
  • needle punched
  • heat insulation

Product features

weight 235 g/m²
Aluminum vapor barrier 40 microns
Thickness 2-3mm
weight around 250g/sqm
Width 1m / 1.2m / 1.5m
Aluminum thickness 40um
Aluminum foil with glass veil mesh Weigh 60g
Aluminum foil with glass veil mesh Original Shanghai, China
Material Polyester

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