Fiber metal cutting machine WATTSAN 1530 TABLECHANGE

Large-format laser metal cutter with interchangeable table.
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WATTSAN 1530 TABLECHANGE is a high precision fiber laser cutting machine. It is equipped with an automatic change table. This design allows you to quickly change sheet metal while another workpiece is being cut. Such a system saves time and money for its owners. Such a machine has long been used in aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, light industry and medical equipment. The machine is equipped with a laser solid-state emitter to choose from: Max / Raycus / IPG. All three have proven themselves: Max is standard, Raycus is more expensive and better, and IPG is considered a premium series. All three types of emitters have a resource of about 100,000 hours. The automatic change table has a size of 1500×3000 mm for metal. The bed is made with a margin of safety, and the heavy weight dampens vibrations. Vibration mounts can be installed for added stability.

  • Steels and metals - forming and cutting
  • metal laser cutting machine
  • laser cutting machine
  • metal laser cutter

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