Fiberglass Cloth Tape

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The glass fiber cloth is based on imported high-density alkali-free glass fiber cloth, which has good stability and can effectively improve and handle die cutting and bonding. High-adhesion adhesives have excellent adhesion on various surfaces. Good temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, insulation. Suitable for bonding and heat dissipation of LED light bars, electronic components and other components. Transformers, high-temperature equipment, air conditioners, contactors, coil wraps, motors and other high-temperature special environment applications have strong tensile, anti-friction, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, insulation, and flame resistance. Applications ●Permanent sealing of high temperature ducts or chambers ●Applications requiring heat treatment followed by clean removal of the tape with little or no stain ●Protect surfaces against abrasion ●High temperature masking ●Bundling, holding and wire harnessing

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  • Fiberglass Cloth Tape
  • Glass fiber cloth
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