Fiberglass Repair Clamp

High-pressure repair clamp Ø 150 mm


Repair kit for pipelines with all accessories for mounting the sleeve and repairing the pipe. The sleeve fitting is manufactured of solid-woven reinforced fiberglass, made in a unique way, which gives a number of advantages compared to standard fittings: fire resistance, high pressure, corrosion resistance, from 30 years of operation. Scope of fitting application - pipelines, including non-metallic, underground, ground, aboveground and underwater versions, with a diameter of 50 to 1200 mm with a maximum internal working pressure of up to 20 Mpa (200 Bar) for pumping gas, oil, petroleum products and other gaseous and liquid media, operated at temperatures from minus 60°C to plus 180°C. Fittings are used for permanent (major) repairs of through and part-through flaws of pipelines with a maximum internal pressure of not more than 12 MPa. Fittings are used for sealing through flaws (fistulas), for integral repair of pipelines with a pressure of up to 20 MPa. Major repairs.

Couplings, mechanical
  • fibreglass product moulding
  • Composite parts for renovation work
  • compound materials

Product features

Material Composite made of solid-woven reinforced fiberglass
Diameter 50-1200 mm
length 200-600 mm
Bolts, nuts Steel, can be made of carbon fiber
Weight Much lighter than steel ones
Operating pressure Up To 20 MPa (200 Bar)
Corrosion resistance 100%
Chemical resistance 100%
Application temperature -60 *C to +180 *C (Celsius)
Fire resistance Yes
Applicable to pipes made of material Metal, plastic, stone
Major repairs Yes
Service life Not more than 30 years old
Installation time 2-3 hours
Repair kit included

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Repair Clamp from Fiberglass High Pressure 20+ MPa for Oil/Gaspipe

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