Fiberline 402 FR 9 is a combination of a release agent and wetting agent for the MDF and Particle board industry. Fiberline 402 FR 9 can be diluted 1:10 with water and should be sprayed continuously on the fibres/chips and press plates / belts. Fiberline 402 FR 9 is especially suitable for Weko or Imal system. Fiberline 402 FR 9 works also excellent for thin MDF / HDF boards and door skins. Fiberline 402 FR 9 will form an excellent surface of the produced boards. We recommend for such application a 1:10 dilution with water and up to 15 mg per m2 sprayed on the fibres. Fiberline 402 FR 9 can be used also with higher dilutions in the particle board industry. Description of Application Ranges Fiberline 402 FR 9 can be used at: - Bison Mende presses - Continuos presses - Multidaylight presses

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