Fibreglass | Type K | 2x 0.2 mm AWG30 | Tmax 450 °C

Wire thermocouple


This inline thermocouple can be individually installed. For measurements in the wiring harness, on difficult to access points or on the smallest components. The thin wire facilitates very flexible installation. The fibreglass insulation facilitates routing the probe along very hot components (Tmax. 450 °C). The thin probe tip guarantees very rapid response. Temperature range: -100 °C to +450 °C Wire type: Fibreglass/fibreglass, 0.2 mm, wire, Tmax: +450 °C

Electric cables
  • Inline thermocouple Type K
  • Wire thermocouple
  • wire

Product features

Thermocouple pairing Type K
Limiting deviation Cl. 1 as per DIN EN 60584-1: 2014-07
Conductor Fibreglass G/G30-KK-IEC
Conductor Wire, 2 x 0.2 mm
Conductor insulation Fibreglass
Operating temperature up to +450 °C
Exterior dimension approx. 1.4 x 1.0 mm
Wire length 500–5,000 mm
Connection Selection

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