Fiji Natural Artesian Water

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Fiji Natural Artesian Water EVERYDAY HYDRATION: Perfect for ongoing hydration throughout the day NATURAL ELECTROLYTES: There’s electrolyte-enhanced water, and then there’s FIJI Water. As tropical rain slowly filters through volcanic rock, it gathers electrolytes that give FIJI Water its signature soft, smooth taste NATURAL ARTESIAN: Bottled from a natural artesian aquifer in the remote Fiji Islands SOFT, SMOOTH TASTE: As it filters through ancient rock, water naturally acquires that silica that gives FIJI its signature soft, smooth taste Fiji Artesian Mineral Water 1Ltr Fiji Artesian Mineral Water 330ml Fiji Artesian Mineral Water 500ml Fiji natural artesian water 33cl Fiji Natural Mineral Water 6x500ml Bottles

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2717 CR Zoetermeer - Netherlands