Filler Capper Monobloc model RTW1000


For filling cylindrical jars with dense products, sealing with T.Off capsules composed of: Volumetric doser, equipped with a stainless steel AISI 316 rotary pump with an electric motor, dosing controlled and regulated via inverter and adjustable electronic pulse counter from a keyboard, suitable for food, heat-sanitizable; drip-proof nozzle with a two-way valve synchronized with the doser. Dispenser with magnetic orientator for metal capsules. Adjustable descent channel for different formats, capsule presence control device in the channel, alert buzzer for missing capsules. Pneumatic rotary screwdriver. Hot air capsule heater-sterilizer in the pre-closure position. Operations carried out on a star with jar loading from the chain. Machine to be integrated in the line. Configured for one cylindrical jar format and one T.Off capsule format. Production: 1200/h for 500g (honey, jams, etc.)

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14053 Canelli - Italy