- Continual self-optimization of all operational parameters with regard to output and precision - Extremely low “give away” (product loss) due to mean value control. Any fluctuations in bulk weights are detected and immediately adjusted - Wide filling range without need for format change - Few moving parts, thus little wear and low maintenance costs - Stored formula parameters can be called off at any time for rapid product and weight conversion - Smooth surface for easy cleaning - Graphical user interface providing clear presentation of all important production and status data - Innovative weighing technology - Safe and robust mechanical engineering - The most modern control and drive components - Touch-screen operating unit

Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment

Product features

Output: up to 150 containers/min
Dosing range: up to 30000 ml
Format change time: max. 5 minutes
Working stations: between 1 weighing heads and 6 weighing heads
Format range: between 100 ml and 30,000 ml

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