Characteristics: - Packaging material flexibility - High precision portioning for constantly good beverage taste - High levels of line efficiency - Modules with servo drive for low-noise packaging operations - Ideal access for cleaning or maintenance - High level of flexibility due to modular construction and servo drives - Process lanes can be switched off separately Capsules: - Cylindrical shape - Bulk goods for sorting and fully automatic feeding - Multi-lane transport - Gentle processing of packaging material - High operational safety Basic function of the packaging machine: - Capsule transport on up to 12 lanes for high performance - High precision portioning via auger filler - Flexible product compaction with servo press - Closing with self-monitoring ultrasonic sealing - Check after each processing step

Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment

Product features

Output: up to 800 Pieces/min
Container diameter: between 20 mm and 125 mmDosing range:
Dosing range: between 1 g and 18 g
Basic measurements approx. (LxWxH): 7,960 mm x 1,600 mm x 2,500 mm

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