Filter media Sorbent Ms

Filter media for manganese removal from water.


Sorbent MS is a new filter media for manganese and iron removal from water. Filter media is used in centralized systems of water treatment, in reclaimed service systems of water treatment and purification water for removal of manganese, iron, chrome, heavy non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, lead, nickel, cadmium, etc). Filter medium separates suspended and colloidal substances. It is recommended for use as a pressure and a non-pressure systems as a primary or multilayer layer. The sorbent regeneration no requires the use of any chemical reagents. For regeneration is necessary periodically to flush sorbent by water or water – air (which is more effective). In operation, the sorbent is not spent. It is a very durable material. «Sorbent MS» ‘is not processed further chemically active coatings based on manganese or other catalytically active metal, which eliminates the probability of failure for exhaustion or flushing data surfaces.

Water purification - systems and equipment
  • filter media
  • filter media for manganese removal
  • sorbent for water treatment
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