Plastic tape for specific masking tasks such as spraying of multiple colours, art-work or ‘custom painting’. This tape is thinner and more flexible. The excellent adhesive quality makes it possible to mask on plastics and rubber. 7 different sizes available. Reference Description Box pal FOL 303 fine line tape - 3 mm x 33m 10 x FOL 306 fine line tape - 6 mm x 33m 10 X FOL 309 fine line tape - 9 mm x 33m 10 x FOL 312 fine line tape - 12 mm x 33m 10 x FOL 315 fine line tape - 15 mm x 33m 10 x FOL 319 fine line tape - 19 mm x 33m 10 x FOL 325 fine line tape - 25 mm x 33m 10 x


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