The B&P fining station has been designed for use with food processing technology. To ensure efficiency, stability and suitable organoleptic properties of their products, manufacturers of concentrates and beverages use finings which must be precisely dosed during the production processes. In its standard version, the B&P fining station is fitted with four tanks. Two tanks are used for preparing the bentonite solution while the third tank is used for preparing a colloidal mixture. The fourth tank is reserved for diluting and heating up gelatine solutions, and is fitted with its own circulating pump, a heat exchanger and a water heating jacket. The tank volumes can be matched to individual customer needs. After dosing, a feeding line is rinsed and fining agent preparation station is automatically switched off. All the data are archived in compliance with the production control requirements, including but not limited to HACCP system.

Brewing - machinery and equipment
  • Fining agent preparation station
  • dosing stion
  • dosing agent station

Product features

Efficiency Adjusted to the line size
Control system Simatic S-7
Power input 5 -15 kW
Dimensions Length: 3,540 mm, width: 1,240 mm, height 1,876 mm
Steam consumption max up to 50 kg/h
Steam pressure 1-4 bar
Material stainless steel AISI 304/option 316L

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