SWECO Vibro-Energy Finishing Mills perform the complete spectrum of finishing parts from rough to delicate. Included are deburring, flash removal, edge-breaking, metal clean-up, rough surface work, prepaint finishing, descaling, burnishing, chemical treating, special surface effects, and the development of reflectivity. They are also ideal for ball burnishing. The Batch Series contain mills with capacities ranging from 1.2 to 20 cubic feet. That's 360 to 6,000 pounds of load capacity. These mills can process parts as large as 30 inches long. There is an open top for visual inspection or parts retrieval without stopping the process, and there is no transmitted vibration to the floor. Additionally, they have a higher capacity per horsepower than other types of vibrating units. FM-1.2C Capacity 1.2 ft³ (300 lbs. load capacity) Max Straight Part Length 9 inches Motion Generator 1/3 hp, TENV, 1200 RPM, single phase 115 volt; 3-phase 230, 460 or 575 volt. 60 Hz. Vibralite Bowl Chamber...

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