Finishing Works


maximum size 225 x 320 mm, maximum number of pages 120, stitching with 2 or 4 metal clips V2 binding (bonded) — Hotmelt and PUR glue maximum format 210 x 430 mm (back edge 430mm), spine thickness 440 mm, folding, creasing embossing, perforation laminating foil embossing, blind printing envelopes — automatic document loading into mail envelopes of C6, DL, C5 Special finishing machines Printing Press Collator — laying down and finalizing multisheet forms. We can produce a form with a maximum of 7 sheets. VariWeb — bonding, cutting, laminating, shaped embossing, applying adhesives. This is mainly used for producing integrated cards and integrated stickers (link) up to the size of A3.

Finishing and binding - machinery and equipment
  • Binding Bonded
  • Embossing Perforation
  • Blind Printing

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