Finixa paint system - 125µm


Finixa paint system: the easiest and simplest system on the market. The lid fits Finixa mixing cups 650ml. The system can be fitted directly onto the spray gun by means of a quick connect coupling. Supplied with strainer and valve. Available in 125μm (green) and 190μm (white). Several adapters for different spray guns are available. Individually packed in plastic foil and per 50 in a handy dispenser box. No paint loss/remainders: the cup can be completely sprayed empty. Easy to fill up. Substantially reduces the waste cost: less paint remainders, less plastic. Substantially saves money and time to clean spray guns. Fit for both solvent and water based paints. Reference Description Box pal FPS 0400125 Finixa Paint System lids 400ml - green - 125µm - 50pcs 8 80 FPS 0650125 Finixa Paint System lids 650ml - green - 125µm - 50pcs 8 64

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