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Finned Tube Heater for rooms with fire-risk - Finned tubular heater, RiRo-F, Stainless steel, IP66/IP67


Schultze RiRo heaters are your solution for industrial and commercial heating appliances: dust- and watertight, corrosion-resistant, flexible and uncomplicated to install. Suitable for damp locations and rough industry environment, for reliable and efficient heating – often unnoticed, but indispensable. RiRo-F for rooms with fire risk: the economic choice for rooms where a “full range” heating is not needed, e.g. to protect your rooms or your valuable facilities against frost. To keep below the reduced surface temperature of 115°C we chose appropriate power layout. Max. 115°C on top of the fins.

Product information

120W - 1200W
230/400V 3(N)
440mm - 1840mm
Protection mode
IP66 / IP67