Finned tube heat exchanger

Heat Exchangers


Air heat exchangers as finned tube heat exchangers Heat transfer between a gaseous media and a liquid Finned tube heat exchangers are often called air/water heat exchangers or gas/water heat exchangers. Heat transfer between a gas (for ex. air) and a liquid (for ex. water) takes place in the air-/water heat exchangers. To improve the thermal output transfer from the gas to the liquid, fins made of well heat transferring materials are put on the tubes. Very often air-/water heat exchangers are used as exhaust heat exchanger to gain the energy out of warm or hot exhaust fumes. Finned tube heat exchangers can also be used as air heater, air cooler or condenser.

Heat exchangers
  • Air heat exchangers
  • finned tube heat exchangers
  • Heat transfer
  • air/water heat exchangers
  • gas/water heat exchangers
  • heat recovery
  • three dimensional CAD model

Product features

Materials (Tube and frame) 1.4301, 1.4404 und 1.4571

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