Low Formation of smoke, low combustibility as well as high flame resistance are absolute prerequisites of high-Performance compounds. In buildings where crowds of people walk around, in public transport and in high cost installations, safety and functional endurance in fire Situation are the first priority. We produce halogen-free, suphur-based EPDM compounds, having following characteristics: halogen-free lowest toxicity of combustion gases low density of flue gas in case of fire no corrosive fire gases = functional endurance no draining off burning components

Product features

Elastomer halogen-free EPDM
Hardness Shore A 60 to 70 ShA
Crosslinking sulphur
Processing Method Extrusion, vulcanisation in vapour or with UHF, injection, compression and transfer moulding
Application public transport, building, fire-endangered Equipment and cabinets, apparatus engineering
GB CH BS 6853, Table7 VKF-Brandkennziffer
USA Bombardier SMP 800-C


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