Fire Retardant Aluminium Foil Insulation

Multi Foil Insulation


Superquilt Multi Layer Foil Insulation foam barrier silver fireproof insulation blanket Multi foil Insulation material provide good thermal barrier property, only with 38mm thickness. The thickness is 38mm and the beams and rafter can be left exposed. so our material will save valuable living space in the attic. Compared with the traditional insulation material,like glass ,wool,foam,rock wool, multi-foil insulation material can give you a very high thermal barrier rate,7.17M2.k/w. The material can not only seal your roof from the wind and dust as a envelop,but keep the inside air flow smoothly,providing you a good ventilation living surrounding.after installing, your roof will retain dry and warm in winter. while prevent overheating in summer.

Thermal insulation materials
  • Fire Retardant
  • Aluminium Foil Insulation
  • insulation material

Product features

Width 1m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.6m
Length 8m/10m/12.5m
Product type Overstitching type quilting type ultra sonic welding type hot melt type
Application Roof, Wall & Floor
Original China
Certification ISO9001,CE, ISO14001etc
Material Polyester

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