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Fire & Smoke Damper Testing

HVAC Ducting Fire & Smoke Damper Safety Testing and Certification.


Fire and Smoke Dampers play a crucial role in the safety in ducting connected to a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. They prevent the spread of fire and smoke through ductworks. Fire and smoke dampers are known as shut off dampers this is because the blades inside the metal panels will close and allow no additional air to flow through - the blades are forced to shut, this happens because of a fusible link which is set to trigger at It is a legal requirement to have these dampers tested at a minimum once every two years. Failure to do so can result in a fine, prison sentence and closure of business premises until rectified. AJS offer this essential fire safety service of a full fire & smoke damper testing and certifications with nationwide coverage. All test are carried out by fully qualified and trained technicians. Testing will include: Identify and locate each fire damper Retrofit access doors if any of these are inaccessible Carry out fire damper test

Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment
  • HVAC ventilation system
  • fire dampers
  • air conditioning ducts
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