FEDETEC F / K - is an innovative development in the field of fire detection and extinguishing. The fire detection sensor in the kitchen equipment fire extinguishing system is a flexible linear sensor tube filled with nitrogen, which is installed on the exhaust hood. The sensor tube is installed over the entire area of the exhaust hood, which allows 100% coverage of the entire protected area. If the temperature rises to +175 ° C at any point of the sensor tube due to a fire, the system instantly and automatically initiates the start of the extinguishing agent. The main difference between the FIREDETEC kitchen fire extinguishing system and similar ones on the Russian market is the detection of fire at any point of the sensor tube, in contrast to thermal point locks, which are installed at a certain distance from each other and are triggered only when the fire directly affects the lock.

Fire protection equipment
  • Fire extinguishing systems for kitchen equipment
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression system
  • fire system for electrical equipment

Product features

Place of installation Kitchen exhaust hood
Working hours Automatic, self-contained and does not require a power source and water supply
Fire extinguishing composition F / K mineral salt solution, which is completely safe for human
Detection sensor Sensor tube
Module volume 4.2 L, 12 L, 23 L, 35 L
Attachments Multi-operated, not tied to module type

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