FireBird® Pro S Gold Edition

Cordless use on construction sites/industry with high setting force

1799.00€ HT


The FireBird® Pro S Gold Edition with mechanical setting stroke adjustment and now with the new CAS battery which allows you to operate more than 180 battery-powered tools with just one battery! When setting a blind rivet nut size of the same length in consistent material thicknesses constant setting stroke should be used. The setting stroke corresponds to the distance the mandrel is drawn into the nose piece during the setting process and thus how far the blind rivet nut is upset. With the setting stroke adjustment this path can be set mechanically on the setting tool. Customer benefits of setting stroke adjustment: • Device control via setting stroke adjustment guarantees a constant height of the blind rivet nut after setting • Stepless setting of the setting stroke • Setting stroke adjustment is preferred above all by experienced users and for large production runs Technical data, working range and advantages are analogous to FireBird® Pro Gold Edition

Portable power tools
  • blind rivet nut tool
  • blind rivet nut technology
  • FireBird Pro S Gold Edition

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