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FireBird® Pro - Battery powered blind rivet nut setting tool for flexible and cable-free use


With a force of 15,000 N and the tried-and-tested brushless motor, the FireBird® Pro CAS is powerful and fast when setting blind rivet nuts of up to M8 steel. Since no wear-prone brushes are used, the motor has an extremely long service life, is virtually non-wearing and reliably guarantees the fastest setting frequencies. The setting tool is controlled solely by the setting force adjustment. The thread of the blind rivet nut is therefore optimally protected while ensuring the blind rivet nut is securely anchored in the material. With the 18-volt battery power supply, the tool is suitable for flexible, cordless use on construction sites and in industrial manufacturing and with our new CAS battery you can operate more than 180 battery devices with only one battery pack! The mechanism for triggering the riveting process is functionally separated from the drilling process and, once the riveting process is complete, the FireBird® Pro CAS provides an automatic drilling function.

Product information

Aluminium, steel, plastic