FireBox T100ED with internal fastening and fuse holder

FireBox T100ED with internal fastening and fuse holder, DIN 4102 Part 12.


Halogen-free junction box with pre-mounted, soft plug-in seals, approved for maintaining electrical functionality according to DIN 4102 Part 12. Maintenance of electrical functionality to classes E30 to E90. Colour: Pastel orange. Including pre-mounted connection unit made of high temperature-resistant special ceramic and labelled protective conductor terminal. Supplied with fuse holder TE-FH 520 for VDE-conformant, reaction-free protection of consumers and 2 fire protection screw ties MMS 6x50 for anchorless fastening. Power cable nominal cross-sections: 1.5 to 10 mm² depending on the type, data cables with 0.8 mm wire Ø. Several rigid copper wires with smaller cross-sections per terminal possible. High protection rating IP66, impact resistance class IK08. Details on the cable types and manufacturers can be found in the general construction test certificate of the material testing institute NRW, Erwitte.

Industrial cabling
  • fireprotection form
  • resistance class
  • ETA

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