FireFly (Blind rivet nut hand tool)

Force and intelligence for setting blind rivet nuts

162.00€ HT


Smart handling • The well-proven principle of operation of the GESIPA® hand riveting tool Flipper® spares up to 40% of the hand force for setting blind rivet nuts • A special lever design as well as the ratchet mechanism provide a reduction of hand force • Exchange of nosepiece and threaded mandrel • The total stroke is 9 millimeter long for setting of new generation multigrip blind rivet nuts like new the GESIPA® PolyGrip® blind rivet nuts • Tool-free setting of stroke and threaded mandrel lengths allows simple setting of blind rivets of different lengths Working range Blind rivet nuts from M3 up to M6 aluminium as well as from M3 up to M5 steel Technical data Total stroke: 9 mm Single action stroke: 1,8 mm Weight: 750 g

Hand tools, non-power
  • Blind rivet nut hand tool
  • Gesipa
  • FireFly

Product features

Material Aluminium, steel, plastic

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