FireFox® 1 F - 2 F Axial eco

The hydropneumatic blind rivet nut setting tool for working vertically


The FireFox® 1 F Axial eco is ideally suited for integration in production systems and facilitates flexible and ergonomically efficient manual working procedures in applications with restricted access and therefore require riveting from above. Advantages • Costs-effective entry model • Ideally suited for instillation in assembly cells, fixtures or semi-automatic workstations • Handy for processing blind rivet nuts in places that require vertical riveting action • Can be attached to a balancer Working range Sets blind rivet nuts from M3 to M6 (M12) in all materials except M6 (M12) stainless steel. Technical data Weight: 2.8 (3.3) kg Max. setting stroke approx. 7.5 (10) mm Max. setting force, adjustable: approx. 12 (22) kN at 6 bar Operating pressure: 5-7 bar Hose connection: 6 mm Ø (1/4’’) Compressed air consumption: max. 2 (4) l per setting

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Material Aluminium, steel, plastic

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