FireFox 2 C (Hydro-pneumatic blind rivet nut setting tool)

Hydro-pneumatic blind rivet nut setting tool with setting process monitoring


FireFox® 2 C – With setting process monitoring This tool is based on the proven TAURUS® C model. Here the setting process is analysed via integrated electronics using stroke and force sensors. The user can defi ne an OK window by means of a special software. A coloured LED on the tool shows the results of the setting process monitoring which can also be recorded and processed via data line. Apllications In the serial production of safety component parts as well as in automated setting processes the FireFox® C allows checking and documentation of the setting process. Advantages • High process safety • Documentation of each individual setting process • Less scrap since errors can be immediately identifi ed

Compressed air tools and systems
  • Gesipa
  • FireFox

Product features

Material Steel, aluminium, plastic

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